Rent with Confidence



Better Service

If you have a question, simply call your agent. If your agent is unavailable, your call will be returned within a few hours. You won't have to navigate a bunch of phone menus options that only lead to a voice mail box. Additionally, we take quallity pictures and video and create compeling narravites to get renters excited about your home.

Better Results

"Distinctive Rental Homes was terrific to work with. I could always count on prompt attention to my emails and/or phone calls." - Sheree Lavelle

Distinctive Rental Homes is a better choice because, in addition to listing your home on dozens of websites, we are one of the few rental homes companies that list homes on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). MLS listings appear on the websites of the major brokers and hundreds of agents which greatly increases your home's exposure.


Having an MLS listing is the only way to effectively team with the 10,000+ metro area Realtors. This is vitally important because most executives relocating to the Minneapolis area use Realtors who prefer to use the MLS. It contains more information. It takes minutes rather than hours to set up showings. Most importantly, the MLS is the only source that discloses what a tenant's Realtor will be paid. Otherwise Realtors have to negotiate their compensation on every potential listing which is a tremendous deterant. Moreover, we provide other Realtors a greater share of the fees to incentivize them to show our listings first.

You owe us nothing if your home is not leased.

Plus, if your tenant does not pay at least six months of rent on a lease of twelve months or longer,

we will release your house free of charge.

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