Bill Bloomberg has been a Realtor for eight years and a Broker for five years. He started his brokerage company with the mission of providing owners listing their homes for LEASE with the same level of service as those listing their homes for SALE.


No other home rental company can offer you that experience coupled with the ability to team with thousands of other agents.


He has leased over 100 quality homes in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. He has also developed and taught the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors course on Residential Leasing to over 1000 Realtors. Why hire one of the students when you can hire the professor?


Another mission of ours is helping the pets of tenants who rent homes that do not allow animals. Right when the need is greatest, funding for pet adoption centers is waning and tens of thousands of animals are being lost in Minnesota each year as a result. We hope to find homes for both people and pets. Please visit our Pet Options Page to learn more about how to help.

Bill Bloomberg