Listing Services

  • We provide a FREE market analysis which includes researching your home's value and conducting a visual inspection.

  • We advise you on ways to improve your home's rental value and talk about what it is like to rent your home.

  • We ask about availability and whether you would be okay with pets. We encourage people to visit our Pet Options Page before making any firm decisions because not allowing pets reduces your pool of potential renters by half.

  • We take quality photos as well as a video tour (with your permission). A video greatly enhances your home's exposure, reduces unnecessary showings, and allows partners who hare not local to view the house and grant approval. We get more compliments about how helpful a video tour was than anything else we do.

  • We advertise your home on over 100 search engines , including the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and all the Brokers and Realtors that provide rental home searches on their websites.

  • We create a professional Craigslist ad, updated two to three times a week.

  • We show your home when you are at work, away on vacation, or attending a sporting event or concert. We work with numerous Fortune 500 clients. In the last two months, we have placed six executives from Cargill in homes.

  • We compile a home video tour we can provide to interested tenants via a private link (with owner approval). This eliminates some of the hassles of vacating your home to accommodate a showing. It also comes in handy for families that are relocating when one of the spouses is still back home and wants to see the house.

  • We contact other agents that specialize in renting homes.

  • We conduct and review with you a comprehensive background check on prospective tenants including a history check, credit rating, job verification, and criminal records.

  • We investigate whether prospective tenants are good pet owners. Over 50% of families have pets and many of them would be great renters.

  • We negotiate the terms of the contract which is specifically designed to protect your interest in your property.

  • We assist with the transfer of utilities.

  • We ensure that you are in compliance with local ordinances.


"Distinctive Rental Homes made the process simple and efficient for a first time landlord." -- Brian & Kristen Edds

Property Management Services

  • We manage only the properties we lease.

  • We document the pre-occupancy condition of your home and conduct a post-occupancy evaluation to determine if the cost of any damages needs to be deducted from the deposit.

  • We collect monthly rental payments.

  • We respond to resident repair requests, assess costs, and manage the service technicians.

  • We provide monthly income and expense statements. We provide a Certificate of Rent Paid to the resident at the end of the year.

  • We conduct occasional inspections of the property's interior and exterior over the duration of the lease.

  • We pay/receive payments online.